The reasons for moving abroad differ from person to person but the primary motive to migrate can be either for employment, studies, a better quality of life or just to expand one’s horizons. The benefits of migrating to another country are many. It gives opportunities to live in a new environment, meet new people and experience a different culture. It provides opportunities to learn a new language. Besides this, migration allows professional development and personal growth.

Why Migrate Abroad?

Settling abroad in one of the world’s leading countries is one of the most life-changing things you can do. Some of the biggest reasons people settle abroad are:

  1. Better salary and job prospects
  2. An enhanced standard of living
  3. The more stable political environment
  4. Vibrant multicultural cities
  5. Better healthcare and education
  6. Opportunity to bring more members of the family abroad
  7. A better life for children
  8. Opportunity to bring more members of the family abroad

Migration is all about relocating from one place to another. Usually, there might be diverse push and pull factors at work, either working on their own or together. Pull factors – that is, factors that draw a newcomer to a specific country – are primarily social and economic. Economic migration is when individual moves abroad to find work or for following a carefully laid down career path for themselves.

Social migration, on the other hand, is when an individual relocates overseas for either a better quality of life or to be closer to family.

Generally, the top three reasons believed to be the motivating factors for migrating overseas are:

  1. Increased earning potential
  2. More job opportunities, and
  3. Better healthcare and education.

According to the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UNDESA), there were an estimated 232 million international migrants globally. An international migrant is a person living outside the country where they were born in. Crossing borders in search of work, education, and new horizons, a migrant is primarily driven by the search for new opportunities and a better livelihood.



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