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Widener University

Our history as a former military college has given Widener a strong foundation, and has created a lasting set of valuesthat are reflected in the university’s mission statement today.

As a first-choice university, Widener is a dynamic, inclusive academic community, transforming students into scholars, leaders, and globally engaged citizens.

These values are a guiding force for the entire campus community and are infused into the curriculum through opportunities like life-changing study abroad experiences, hands-on internships or co-ops, and the development of strong leadership skills.

Yes, we’ve got all three. Plus, we’ve got some first-rate collections and resources that you’ll only find at the

Wolfgram Memorial Library that houses an extensive collection of print, periodical, audiovisual and multimedia materials and on-line services, including our sexuality archives.

Widener’s Art Gallery is home to the university’s collection of 18th, 19th,and 20th century American and European paintings as well as African and Oceanic pottery.

The PMC Museum, in partnership with the Widener University Archives, brings to life the history of the Pennsylvania Military College and honors the military and civilian achievements of its distinguished alumni.

The Widener University Observatory has 12- and 16-inch computerized reflecting telescopes available for use by students and for public star-gazing programs.

In 2016, Widener acquired the Taylor Arboretum, a 30-acre reserve of plantings and natural lands located about a mile north of the university, which provides students greatly expanded opportunities for research and hands-on learning in the environmental and biological sciences and science education.

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