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Carroll College


Living and learning at Carroll College is about more than simply earning a degree. It’s about more than preparing for a career. It’s about who you become, and the lives you touch along the way. Here, we engage with one another in ways you simply don’t see other places. We inspire one another. We seek out ways to improve life, and lives, all over the world.

It may be an anthrozoology student having a breakthrough while training a dog on campus. Environmental science students sharing their future dreams while conducting research in a mountain stream. A couple of friends kayaking the Missouri River together. Or watching our Fighting Saints athletic teams excel on the field or court.

At Carroll, it’s about the moments we share. Because more than any knowledge gained, it’s the moments here that make us who we are in life—now and into the future.

Moments of Accomplishment

There’s a reason U.S. News & World Report consistently ranks us the #1 Regional College in the West, the #2 Regional Best Value College in the West, and the #1 Regional College in the West for Veterans—our students and faculty excel. In the classrooms, labs, and athletic fields, ours is simply a higher standard.

Carroll College’s Mission-Centered Values


Carroll College provides a learning and living environment where faith, reason, and free inquiry aid the search for truth in order to cultivate enlightenment, a professional calling, spiritual inquiry, and a commitment to the common good.  As such, if affirms the following values derived from its mission.

  1. We are on a journey of discovery for the purpose of vocation and enlightenment
  2. We cultivate habits of exploring the world more deeply and with ongoing curiosity
  3. We explore ethical questions that bring purpose to education
  4. We seek truth in all intellectual pursuits without fear or prejudice
  5. We affirm that faith and reason are complementary in the search for truth and intrinsic to a Catholic education
  6. We are rooted in an ongoing tradition of those who have modelled a culture of critical inquiry and authentic dialogue
  7. We journey toward justice with those we serve in compassion and mercy
  8. We work together for the greater good of our communities
  9. We engage many perspectives, including those outside our own, with empathy and generosity
  10. We share a common pilgrimage with members of all religious faiths and all persons of goodwill


The Carroll College Campus


The Carroll Campus is located just a few blocks from downtown Helena in the centre of Helena. We are just one block from a golf course and a shopping area, about 20 minutes to Canyon Ferry Lake, 30 minutes to the nearest campground and 35 minutes to a chairlift heading up a mountain for a great day of skiing.

Address: 1601 N Benton Ave, Helena, MT 59625, USA

English Language Requirement:


Demonstrate English Language Proficiency by providing official score reports from one of the following: TOEFL 550/213/80, ITEP of 4.5, IELTS of 6.5 or EIKEN grade 1 or successful completion of ELS Level 112 or Columbia West College ESL Level VI or the New England School of English Level 10 or successful completion of Selnate International School’s ESL program


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