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“Explorer,” “innovator,” “creator,” and “changemaker” are key Wildcat mentalities. That’s what it takes to launch the first missions to Mars with NASA, create the first artificial hearts, and be the first to touch a near-Earth asteroid and bring back samples. Traditionally, the UA culture is one that challenges what’s accepted to get to better answers.

Welcome to the Office of Student Engagement. As Vice Provost for Digital Learning and Student Engagement, I am excited to have the opportunity to work with faculty, students, and staff from across the campus as we build upon and expand our efforts around engaged and experiential learning. There are already so many great opportunities available for students in the areas of research, study abroad, teaching and learning, internships and externships, as well as creative expression.

The goal of this office is to elevate engaged learning so that it is central to our campus culture. The Office of Student Engagement will serve as a resource and network hub for the campus, bringing together faculty, students, and staff as we expand our capacity to provide every UA student with a transformative educational experience.

In a more practical sense, the Office of Student Engagement oversees a committee of faculty and staff that evaluates and approves non-credit engaged learning experiences for University of Arizona students. It also oversees the distribution of central investments, thus expanding opportunities students will have to graduate with an “Engaged Learning Experience” formally noted on their transcript.

Please return to this site often, as it will be a key site for information on our initiative. It is the place where you can see how our network of dedicated faculty, staff, and students are elevating the University of Arizona to the status of national leader in the area of engaged learning.

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Vincent J. Del Casino Jr., Ph.D.
Vice President, Academic Initiatives and Student Success
Professor, Geography and Development

The Engagement Activities and Competencies for each student experience connect to the UA’s strengths and values.

The 100% Engagement Initiative at the University of Arizona is based on our recognition that experiences beyond the classroom provide a framework for our students to enrich their professional and personal growth, and the importance of those experiences is reflected by an Engaged Learning Notation on our students’ transcripts.

A set of Engagement Activities and Competencies connect each student’s experience to the UA’s core strengths and values.

Each engagement activity and competency builds upon a set of personal and professional skills as well. Students must reflect upon and demonstrate that they’re applying their learning by asking questions, solving problems, or creatively engaging others to graduate with an “Engaged Learning Experience” notation on their transcript.

Fast Facts:
In the 2015-16 Academic Year:
Courses designated as Engaged Learning Experiences by UA Academic Colleges: 400
Students enrolled an Engaged Learning course in Fall 2016: 3,600
Non-credit experiences identified as Engaged Learning: 40
Total Engagment Experiences completed since Fall 2015: 4,677

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