Why Study MBBS Abroad?

Why Study MBBS Abroad?

To answer the above question I have to consider an ideal situation for all MBBS aspirants in India.

Your present situation.

You have just completed your class 10 and have scored excellent in biology and your parents want you to become a doctor and you to consider that you should become a doctor in your career, so you enroll for NEET coaching institutes or travel to KOTA where you start your preparation, your next 2 years is like a mission and you wake up every day at 4 am and get on your study table after freshening up and start hitting on the books. You study and study and study and now it’s morning and the time is around 9 am. You take a break for 1 hour and continue your studies. On a rough scale, you are studying almost 15 hours a day.

Result Day comes!!

You log in to your system and check the results. However, you couldn’t score good marks and get a seat in any of the Indian governmental colleges. Now, you are gonna end up with a bunch of options (or maybe more).

1. Spend one more year following the same routine and hoping for some good results. (No way!!!!!)<>
2. Get enrolled in courses like Pharmacy, Nursing, Physiotherapy, and B.Sc. and drop the idea of becoming a Doctor. (Really?)
3. Spend an exorbitant amount in private medical colleges for a not-so-good medical education (That’s it?)

Decide for yourself. What would have been your opinion of these alternatives that are discussed in almost every NEET Aspirant’s home after the results are declared? Are you the one who is willing to give in one more year with uncertainty of the future? Or someone who is going to give up on his dreams and choose an average career? And the third option is only for those who got the money to spend. But, one question arises here too and that’s “Are Private Medical Colleges WORTH IT????” After spending crores of money on your education, this is what you get? Needless to say, that’s a big NO!!! A big NO for all these options.

Well, what’s left now? There’s only one path which you can opt for now. The less trodden path. The path which is opted by very few students who are smart enough to not waste any further time and start making a global career, MBBS Abroad! Do not consider MBBS Abroad as an idiotic but a choice of the smart.

If you have ever researched this topic, then you must be aware of the Foreign Medical universities that are more than 100 years old! That I think is enough to determine the quality of Education. Also, to comfort your budget, let me assure you that these Foreign Medical programs are way more affordable than those offered in Private Medical Colleges. Being in operation for more than a century, these medical colleges offer English-taught programs too. So, you needn’t worry about how you’re going to put up with your studies in a foreign language.

Many intelligent peers sit back and cry about not scoring enough marks in NEET. While they are not aware of the greater opportunity awaiting them.

So there’s just one small piece of advice that I would like to give you. Think smartly and grab the opportunity of studying at a Foreign Medical University that provides you with the exact (or even better) quality of education as the Indian Medical Colleges do. Stop wasting time and get enrolled in a Foreign Medical Universities. You aren’t aware of the gains you will reap in the future.

Last but not least…….You needn’t doubt your capabilities to become a doctor, be it from an Indian University or a Foreign university. Never Underestimate the idea of doing MBBS from abroad……Do you know why? Destiny is not a matter of chance but a matter of choice and your destiny of becoming a Doctor is not going to be compromised as your country doesn’t have enough seats compared to the medical aspirant.

Kudos to your successful medical career!

Hope you will consider my advice and will opt for Medical courses Abroad if all this has whetted your appetite for a career as a Doctor, why not book an appointment with me to discuss it in detail, I will be glad enough to add wings to your dream and will suggest the best Medical school that suits your budget. If you want to have one on one career counseling session with me don’t hesitate to write an email at helloworld@adventeducation.in Let’s discuss your future over a cup of coffee adventeducation.in

My journey to studying in the UK with an amazing scholarship was a dream, it is now successful and these all happened because of Advent

- Surajit Sengupta

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