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This course is ideal for those want to pursue an international business career. This qualification will prepare students for roles in a range of fields, including marketing, finance, human resources and management

This program focuses on the latest developments in international business management, helping you to:

  • Develop the necessary skills and knowledge to be immediately effective as a manager, as well as improving your personal and professional skills to help you achieve your goals
  • Use cognitive and problem-solving skills to operate effectively individually and as part of a team, including consideration of business ethics at all times
  • Prepare for work in a range of cultures and countries, and understand how to create effective communication strategies

You will have at least 960 guided learning hours followed by 480 practicum hours in an established business.

The work placement will help you apply the theories you learn to practical business situations. We will help you secure your work placement by sending you for interviews.

The modules include:

1. Windows Fundamentals and MS Office
This course offers a case-oriented, problem-solving approach to Windows and for learning Microsoft Word and Excel.

2. Bookkeeping, Computerized and Financial Acct with Simply
Emphasis is placed on analyzing and recording business transactions using the rules of double-entry bookkeeping. In addition, adjusting journal entries and everyday transactions for both service and retail businesses are recorded coupled with the preparation of basic financial statements. This course also provides a practical introduction to computerized accounting. You will learn not only how to set up a computerized accounting environment, but also to convert a manual accounting system to a computerized system. You will be working with a variety of business simulations providing hands-on experience with all aspects of work transactions in the general, payables, and receivable ledgers.

3. Business Environment
The aim of this unit is to provide an understanding of different organizations, the influence of stakeholders and the relationship between businesses and the local, national and global environments. In this unit you will consider how different market structures shape the pricing and output decisions of businesses, as well as other aspects of their behaviour.

4. Managing Financial Resources
The unit aims is to provide you an understanding of where and how to access sources of finance for a business and the skills to use financial information for decision making.

5. Organizations and Behaviour
The aim of this unit is to give an understanding of individual and group behaviour in organisations and to examine current theories and their apppcation in managing behaviour in the workplace.

6. Marketing Principles
This unit aims to provide an understanding and skills relating to the fundamental concepts and principles that underpin the marketing process.

7. Business Decision Making
The aim of this unit is to develop techniques for data gathering and storage, an understanding of the tools available to create and present useful information, in order to make business decisions.

8. Research Project
The purpose of the unit is to develop an independent enquiry and critical analysis skills by undertaking a sustained research investigation of direct relevance to your Education program and your professional development.

9. Financial Accounting and Reporting
In this unit you will prepare financial statements for different types of business in compliance with relevant legal and regulatory provisions and the basic principles of group accounts. You will also develop tools for the interpretation of financial statements.

10. Personal and Professional Development
This unit aims to help you become an effective and confident self-directed employee through managing your personal and professional skills to achieve personal and career goals.

11.Working with and Leading People
The aim of this unit is to develop the skills and knowledge needed for working with and leading others, through understanding the importance of recruiting the right people for the job.

12. Managing Business Activities to Achieve Results
The aim of this unit is to provide an understanding of different organizations, the influence of stakeholders and the relationship between businesses and the local, national and global environments. In this unit you will consider how different market structures shape the pricing and output decisions of businesses, as well as other aspects of their behaviour.

13. Managing Communications
The aim of this unit is to show how communications, knowledge and information can be improved within an organization including making better use of IT systems.

14. Operations Management in Business
This unit will provide you with an understanding of the role and importance of operations management (OM) in the efficient and effective production of goods and services.

15. Business Work Experience
This unit will help develop the skills and knowledge of work practices in industry through conducting an interview/research with a business about a work-based issue and then developing and producing a management report that examines that issue.

16. Business Work Ethics
The aim of this unit is to introduce the concept of business ethics and to examine its relevance when considering business objectives and responsibilities.

17. Work Placement
At the conclusion of the program, you are required to complete 480 hours of work placement in a suitable business environment. Appropriate business sectors for placement would include Marketing, Retail, Finance and Accounting, Not-for-profit, Customer Care and Administration. Activities performed will vary depending on the Work Placement site, however, key responsibilities include being supervised by a Placement host at all times, observing all workplace and school safety and security procedures, dressing appropriately for the Placement experience, interacting with the Placement staff respectfully, courteously and enthusiastically, learning about the work environment, and participating in the daily routine as required.Work Placement is part of your educational development. This enables theoretical learning in the classroom to be applied to practical learning situations and encourages application of theory and knowledge in appropriate context. You will be sent for interviews to secure your Work Placement. You must complete their practicum and submit your placement report to be successfully considered a graduate.


  • Ontario Secondary School Diploma or Equivalent * or Mature student **
  • Age 18 or older
  • IELTS of 5.5 or equivalent for Non-native English speakers

*A transcript, diploma or certificate from another country are considered equivalent to an Ontario high school diploma if assessed at an Ontario OSSD level by a recognized assessment service.

See the pre-approved recognized assessment services below:

  • World Education Services-
  • University of Toronto, School of Continuing Studies, Comparative Education Service –
  • International Credential Assessment Service of Canada-

** Mature students must be at least 18 years of age and pass a Wonderlic Scholastic Level Exam.


You must successfully complete all seventeen modules to be awarded the TSoM Diploma in Business Management Co-op.

The assessment of each module consists of:

  • Summative Report: 100%
  • Placement Report for Work Placement: 100%
Work Placement: Complete/IncompleteC/I

If you do not pass, you can re-enroll in the course and re-take at the next available sitting.

Upon completion of this program, you will be awarded a Diploma in Business Management Co-op.


Graduates of this course will be able to aim for roles as:

  • Marketing and Sales Manager
  • Project Coordinator
  • Manager Human Resources
  • Retail Manager
  • Business Manager
  • Account Manager
  • Office Manager
  • Management Planning Coordinator

Academic: 48 weeks in-class with 24 weeks co-op
Total length: 109 weeks including scheduled breaks

START DATESMarch 2018, May 2018, July 2018, September 2018, November 2018.

FEES$20,000 CAD
Fees after Scholarship
$12,500 CAD international students
$7,080 CAD domestic students

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