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Why study in India

India is the perfect hub for the students who dream of quality education. With over 17,000 colleges and 383 universities, there is just no limit to what a student can get in this country, in terms of education. India offers a wide range of courses that are globally recognised. India is the second largest higher education centre and studying here will surely be an enriching experience. Not only is the cost of studying in Indian universities low, but the quality of education is also known globally. Several scholarships and easy education loans are also available.Apart from this, international students are attracted towards the peaceful atmosphere, welcoming attitude and a less expensive way to a successful career. 
  • With English as the medium of instruction, Indian colleges and institutes are globally recognised. This is what makes them worth it when it comes to pursuing the higher degree and/or diploma courses. India offers a wide range of courses in the field of medicine, management, architecture, engineering, social science, fine arts, science, etc. Moreover, it is emerging in the field of space technology, bioinformatics, biotechnology, nanotechnology and many others. Studying here becomes an interesting and exciting experience with the diverse culture that this country has to offer.
  • Healthcare, tourism, food processing, retail, manufacturing, IT and many more fields like these are emerging and getting global recognition. There is a wide range of other sectors that India specialises in. According to various researchers, the Indian market is experiencing a huge growth in these fields and many new avenues are opening up. There is a great potential for growth.
  • India is the hub of flourishing industries. This has given way for development in many fields like manufacturing, mining, construction, mechanical engineering, electronics, information technology, and so on. Since India has opened up many opportunities, there is a wide range of skills that are not found locally. This gives an opportunity for international students to conquer the market and get to higher positions. This is the reason why the Indian government has taken measures to encourage the global involvement of various students to strengthen this skill set. Many people from across the globe are making use of this opportunity.

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