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Why study in Hungary

Hungary became a Christian kingdom in A.D. 1000 and for many centuries served as a bulwark against Ottoman Turkish expansion in Europe. The kingdom eventually became part of the polyglot Austro-Hungarian Empire, which collapsed during World War I.The country fell under communist rule following World War II. In 1956, a revolt and an announced withdrawal from the Warsaw Pact were met with a massive military intervention by Moscow. Under the leadership of Janos KADAR in 1968, Hungary began liberalizing its economy, introducing so-called "Goulash Communism." Hungary held its first multiparty elections in 1990 and initiated a free market economy. It joined NATO in 1999 and the EU five years later.

Hungary and the city of Debrecen

Country info:
  • Hungary is a European Union member country located in Central Europe
  • the country has borders with Austria, Slovakia, Ukraine, Romania, Serbia, Croatia and Slovenia
  • population ca. 10 million
City info:
  • with 220 thousand inhabitants Debrecen is the second largest city in the country
  • it is a cultural, educational and economic center of Eastern Hungary
  • seat of Hungarian Protestantism
City life:
  • year round high-quality programs including festivals, concerts and all sorts of sporting events
  • main attractions and places to visit:
    • Hortobágy National Park
    • Great Forest of Debrecen
    • Aquaticum Medicinal and Bath Centre w/ Mediterranean Pleasure Bath
    • Debrecen Zoo
    • Lake Békás
    • Főnix hall – national and international sports events center (capacity: 8,000 spectators)
    • Debrecen Ice Rink
    • indoor swimming pool with several pools
    • Kölcsey Convention Centre – the largest conference center of Eastern Hungary (capacity: 1,150 people)
    • MODEM (Modern and Contemporary Arts Centre)
Brief history
  • 1235 – First reference to Debrecen in ancient charters
  • 1538 – Establishment of the College of the Reformed Church in Debrecen
  • 1567 – Higher education starts in the College
  • 1693 – Debrecen is declared a free royal town
  • 1849 – Debrecen is the capital of Hungary
  • 1912 – Establishment of the State University of Debrecen with Faculties of Arts, Law, Medicine and Theology
  • 1914 – Some parts of the university are functioning in the College building
  • 1918 – Inauguration of the Main Building of the Medical Faculty by King Charles IV of Hungary
  • 1921 – The Medical Faculty starts to function
  • 1932 – Building of the campus is finished
  • 1944 – During the world war the town is again the capital of Hungary but the university gets abandoned for a while
  • 1949 – The only year the university has five faculties
  • 1950 – Faculty of Law idles, Faculty of Science is established
  • 1951 – The university is divided into three parts (Academy of Theology, Medical School, Lajos Kossuth University of Arts and Science)
  • 1991 – Debrecen Universitas Association is established
  • 1998 – Federation of Debrecen Universities is founded
  • 2000 – The federation transforms into the unified Debrecen University with all the customary faculties and 20 thousand students.

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