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Girne American University was founded in 1985. After only 32 years, our university has made a small start with seven students and today it has become a strong university where more than 18,000 students are educated. Since its inception, GAU has signed cooperation agreements with universities in North America and Europe. GAIN, YÖK (Higher Education Council of Turkey) is recognized by one of the first universities in Cyprus. Following this, our university was recognized by YÖDAK (Higher Education Council of Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus). These developments have been followed by a large number of programs, accreditation and national membership.

Girne American University began to develop in the international higher education sector in 1995. From this date, India, Kazakhstan, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Kyrgyzstan, Turkey, Poland, Russia, Belarus, the United States, the United Kingdom, the Czech Republic was founded in Hong Kong and educational partnerships. While these partnerships help our students to recognize and learn about different cultures; It includes student exchange programs to enable them to develop themselves and broaden their horizons.

The goal of the founders is to gain knowledgeable, talented, creative and educated individuals. 6 colleges, 10 faculties, 2 faculties, such as Architecture, Interior Architecture, International Business, International Relations, Psychology, Psychological Counseling and Guidance, as well as Maritime, Aviation, Stage Arts, Law, Advanced Engineering Disciplines and Fine Arts and the rising professions of the global world. The institute and 13 different vocational high schools continue their education in 66 bachelor’s, 41 masters and 19 doctorate programs while the Turkish Law, Chinese Language and Literature, Gastronomy and Culinary Arts, Classroom Teaching, Health Management, Ergotherapy, Energy Systems Engineering, Midwifery, Civil Engineering and Civil Aviation Transportation Management departments.

During its 32 years of historical development, GAU has tried to make use of the latest developments in technology and teaching methods. According to the number of students, it has the highest doctoral ratio and the highest computer capacity according to the number of students. As the pioneer of educational innovations, GAU publishes selected courses and seminars to help our students in their classes with the television (GAU TV) and radio (GAU FM) in their area.

Throughout history Girne American University has been guided by focusing on five key values; these values ​​are; access, speed, association, value and community.
GAU is dedicated to making life accessible throughout the American education model and making it relevant to the young and full-fledged population with opportunities. At the same time, the purposeful training of the university is to make it possible to be both accessible and perfect. This goal is achieved through exceptional management of university studies and resources, innovative access systems, student services and learning centered, success-oriented and technology-relevant programs.

To support the mission, a program has been launched that allows all courses to be converted into digital form. This effective format for the lecture presentation is a practical expression of one of the main values ​​of the university to provide access to higher education. The format helps students to complete their programs quickly and regularly, and to reflect the other key value in this respect.
Another aspect of the pace is the ability to make adjustments in the curriculum to keep pace with developments in each field. At this point, GAU is able to present new programs on time when new needs and opportunities arise. Girne American University is committed to providing both up-to-date and relevant programs, as well as providing them with appropriate conditions so that students can receive value.
As Girne American University developed, it became conscious that it could not succeed without community sentiment. For this reason, it seeks to achieve this by creating a common sense of respect, openness, honesty, and a ritual for master values. The University has made significant progress in creating such a society among its members and has created opportunities for students to gain respect for their role within the community by providing national, local and international experience.

At GAU, we strive to reach the invisible, to make learning and to support educational development worldwide.

Girne American University, Cyprus’s first university, has been continuously developing and raising its educational standards with its innovative and contemporary approach since 1985. With more than 18,000 students and a large GAU family, they see their students as individuals from GAU Families with the philosophy “WELCOME TO ONE, BE ONE”.

Turkey Higher Education Council (YOK), especially, recognized all over the world GAI, but it has 27 separate accreditation, the geography of “the most valid diploma” is the university.

The advantages of having a diploma with international membership and accreditations can be trained in our campuses in Girne, Washington, Canterbury, Karpaz and Istanbul, with the GAU Students living all over the world, as well as the GAU Parallel Education System.

GAU, As of 1995, India, Kazakhstan, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Kyrgyzstan, Turkey, Poland, Russia, Belarus, the United States, the United Kingdom, the Czech Republic and has established educational partnerships in Hong Kong. These partnerships
include student and faculty exchanges to enable students to gain recognition of different cultures and learning experiences .

The goal of the Founders is to provide individuals who are knowledgeable, talented, creative and educated to gather. GAU provides training with specialized academic staff in the fields of Business and Economics, Law, Engineering, Architecture, Communication, Humanities, Education, Health, Maritime and Aviation.

Through nearly 30 years of historical development, GAU has tried to make use of the latest developments in technology and teaching methods. According to the number of students, it has the highest doctoral academic ratio and at the same time has the highest computer capacity according to the number of students. Since 2008 the GAU library has been pre-programmed in the library arts revolution, which is the implementation of digital library resources. At present there are Power Point presentations and MP4 versions of all courses in many classes.

Wireless internet is available at all campuses and dormitories. GAU Television and Radio also publish selected courses and seminars for students to watch.

GAU, which has already designed the programs of the next 10 years, aims to achieve many developments in the field, from the proliferation of Academic programs to the expansion of world campuses.

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