Master of Philosophy MPhil and Doctor of Philosophy PhD

£10,500 (INT)

With a research degree from Middlesex University, you’ll explore innovative ways to tackle major academic problems – and make a new and original contribution to existing knowledge.

Why study MPhil Master of Philosophy / PhD Doctor of Philosophy at Middlesex University?

In essence, the main difference between an MPhil and a PhD relates to the contribution you make to existing knowledge on the research topic that you’ve selected. A PhD contributes new knowledge beyond what’s currently available whereas an MPhil contributes new understanding of existing knowledge, by way of a critical review or evaluation.

Expert supervision

A Director of Studies and at least one (second) supervisor from the University will conduct your research supervision. Often, an external supervisor is also involved.

Your supervisors will act as personal tutors, helping you to clarify your initial objectives, structure your research and develop supplementary skills. They also advise on subject reading, relevant taught courses, research seminars and workshops.

Academic support and guidance is constantly available, whether you work individually or as part of a team. There are regular research tutorials, plus seminars and meetings with research students, staff and guest speakers.

What will you study on the MPhil Master of Philosophy / PhD Doctor of Philosophy?

The MPhil/PhD programme allows for either a text-based research project, or for a mixed mode, visual research/textual research project:

  • For the mixed mode version, you’ll need an appropriate presentation of visual research and a text of up to 20,000 words (MPhil) or 40,000 (PhD).
  • For text only, the figures are 40,000 and 80,000 maximum.

Please note that all of our PhD students initially enrol on an MPhil and then transfer to a PhD degree.


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